2021 CMEF Smart Innovation, Together in Shanghai

Time:2021-05-20 Clicks:2598

On May 12-16, the 84th China International Medical Device Expo was held at the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The IVD Professional Exhibition Area In vitro Diagnostic Testing Products Market is the most complex part of all medical device markets and one of the most promising segments. BIOELAB introduces new products in 2021 CMEF with the vision of independent innovation, focusing on leapfrogging, supporting development, leading the future.

Sign in with the new product

In the booth, the new products of BIOELAB ------ hematology analyzer EC-38 and clotting analyzer CL-100, CL-200, CL-400 attracted the attention of visitors.


EC-38, leading technology cell pulse baseline tracking and reduction technology, dual-channel counting, processing 80 samples per hour, minimum sample volume can reach 9ul with whole blood.

Cl-100, CL-200, CL-400 are open system with reagent parameters, calibration curves editable, magnetic stirring, automatic sampling, expansion of up to 200 items and 200,000 test results.

The exhibition site

In this exhibition, BIOELAB automatic chemistry analyzers are exhibited along the edge, and the reagents are placed in the most central position of the exhibition, which is convenient for professional visitors to check.

During the exhibition, we carry a smile, with the most professional spirit to receive a steady stream of visitors.

Since BIOELAB'S establishment, we adhere to the integrity of management, customer first, unity and cooperation, excellence in the business philosophy. In future, BIOELAB will take high-quality products as the fundamental, commit to be one of the most competitive enterprises in medical device industry, cast a hundred years of excellence and create an internationally renowned brand.